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Web development and design, Web hosting, SEO in Denver Colorado.
  • Web Development & Design

    Do you like our website? We can build a beautiful, functional, responsive website for you.

  • Content Management

    We build custom Database driven Content Management Systems.

  • Web Hosting & Email

    We own our servers. We can provide superior service and customizations. This also allows us to offer additional server services for less.

  • SSL Certificates & Dedicated IP

    Not only do SSL certificates secure your site, but Google ranks them higher. We have the lowest pricing at only $5 per month. Dedicated IP Addresses are free with SSL Certificates.

  • E-Commerce

    Our favorite is OpenCart but we work with other platforms. We can do as much or as little as you require to get you selling online.

  • SEO - The Great Farce

    Stop paying for monthly SEO as it is a huge scam. SEO for the most part is set it, and forget it. We are one of the best at SEO and only charge a one-time fee.

We are a professional web development company that combines creative website design with custom web programming and graphic design to create great looking and effective websites that perform to your requirements.

Why Choose Us for your Web Site Project?

We built our first website in 1997. It looked great for the time, but horrid by today's standards. It was hard to do as we started hand-coding web sites from the ground up.

Unlike some graphic artists turned web designers, we were software engineers first and then migrated to web programming. So we understand the back-end of your website and the coding techniques required to make your website not only perform properly, but also get found in the search engines.

When you work with The Proof Positive Group's web designers, you will discover how adept they are at the art of listening to your requirements. This helps us to create a custom style and design built around the specific image and needs of your company.

No one person can know it all. That is why we have a team of web developers each with their own unique set of talents. The constant changing environment of internet technology requires us to be specialists and collaborate together on client projects to create the best websites for our customers.

If you like our website, you'll love what we can do for you!

We offer both Informational and E-commerce websites with custom programming and SEO. We can help you promote your business online with a great looking, custom website design utilizing dynamic elements and integrated social media to generate positive, long-ranging results. We will work with you to create a design that is suitable for you and your needs.

Website Samples - Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design Services
The Proof Positive Group

We are very proud of our website. It's clean, organized, modern, and shows that we care about our image. Most of our competitors don't have a site this good looking or comprehensive. We win the business by default. First impressions are everything!

Web Design Denver CO

When the world leader in ethanol conversion systems needed a new and robust E-commerce website, we built them a winning site. It is not only really good looking, it's easy to navigate for their customers plus it is properly optimized and shows up #1 in every search engine around the world. This is an OpenCart online shopping system.

Visit Change2E85.com
Customer web sites Denver
Greenwich Acupuncture Clinic

In Greenwich CT, image is everything. This is one of the wealthiest communities in America. Rich people don't want to give their money to company with an image problem. Greenwich Acupuncture needed their website to match their success with the community's desired image of where they spend their money.

Visit GreenwichAcupunctureClinic.com
Web Hosting Denver
ZeroZillion Media

This is a great example of a simple website. ZeroZillion Media needed a simple splash page that was easy to modify. We delivered an inexpensive, sharp and fun page for them. Plus they are huge Broncos fans so there had to be some orange in their design.

Visit zerozillionmedia.com
Web Design and SEO
Our Old Website

We built this website in 2008. Even though it looks dated right now, we maintained it with the proper SEO updates and backend structure. For years, it has consistently showed up on Page 1 of every search engine. We had to compete with Microsoft's pages for rankings and most of the time, we beat them! Our success is directly connected with having properly done SEO.

Custom Content Management System CMS
Colorfast Coatings

We did not design this site and it was being held hostage by an unscrupulous web company. We copied it then modified it to be mobile compatible, added microdata and did a full SEO. These guys are now easy to find and are booked a year in advance!

Visit Colorfast Coatings
Graphic Design Denver
Igor's Graphic Design Site

This is a beautiful, simple, elegant, Word Press Website. Once it's set up, it is very easy for the end user to make modifications. Only minor training is required. Igor can easily change photos, text, plugins, pages and more. All of this is done from a secure backend content manager.

Visit Igor's Website
CMS Content Mangement System Denver
Content Management Systems

This customer wanted a wedding directory like no other. The entire content management system was built from scratch. The site owner can manage all advertisements and receive payments right in the site. The advertisers are able to load all features to the site themselves. This is easier to use than facebook.

Website Expert Denver
Logistics Dynamics Inc.

This looks like a simple site, but it is far from it. It has a robust content management system in the backend where Customers, Agents and Carriers can upload, download, obtain, and update all different types of information. Including pricing, tracking, or make payments. We can't reveal to much as it is proprietary.

Visit logisticdynamics.com

Web Design and Development FAQs

Wordpress website development Denver

How Much does a website cost?

Everyone has a different requirement for their website. They not only can vary from the look, feel and texture, but also from the functions that are required of the website to perform. For a very basic website, prices start at $1000. Then depending upon the number of pages, complexity of the backend, custom graphics, logos, content editing and more will cause the price to go up.

Website design denver

Do I have to use TPPG servers for my hosting?

No. We have many clients that use other hosting companies. We will work with you ever you would like. Our hosting may be a little more money than the other companies, but we have more control over our servers which allows us to offer extras for less. For example, we offer SSL certificates. Many others change $12-$100 per month. Ours are only $5 per month and comes with a Dedicated IP address. Search engines rank sites with SSL certificates higher. We have SSLs on all of our sites.

Web hosting and design Denver

Do I really need an SEO subscription?

No. One of the biggest money makers for web developers is having a stable of customers paying hundreds of dollars every month for SEO. They claim that they are monitoring their site and doing updates as needed. What a bunch of hooey! Most just sit back, take your money, and do nothing! The big question is was it even done right in the first place? If you are not interested in easily being found, then you don’t need any SEO. Just setting up your site correctly will get you some SEO. Most customers want to be found and will purchase an initial SEO package which is a set-it-and-forget-it. It will work well until the search engine algorithms change. Then we charge you a small update fee.

Do you offer SEO Subscriptions?

Yes. Our program is a bit different. It’s like Credit Monitoring. For a low monthly price of $125, one of our SEO experts will run down a proprietary check list to see how well your site is performing. This process takes at least an hour per month. A full and detailed report is sent to you to show how well your site is performing. Most web companies will not provide you with this monthly report - they take the money and run! Recently, a customer with SEO monitoring decided to upload some videos on his own. There were errors in the coding that he placed in his site. This took his website from page one to Page 10. We caught these before he realized the damage. It took us less than one hour to correct the code and he was soon back on page one.

Business websites Denver design and develoment

What programming languages do you know?

All versions of HTML and CSS
Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL
Windows / ASP / ASP.NET / SQL
C# / VB / VB.NET
AJAX and More...

Web design development colorado

Do you offer any Pre-Developed Packages?

Custom WordPress Themes & Plugins
Custom Contact Forms, Secure Login Forms
Image Viewers
Review Systems
Employment Applications
Pop-up Systems and more...

Do I need a Mobile compatible website?

Yes, Yes and Yes! The search engines look for the folders in your website that contain the code to adapt them for Mobile. That’s why they are called Adaptive Websites. If you don’t have a Mobile ready site, you will be penalized in the search results. Besides, 66% of American web surfers do so on a mobile device according to an April 2015 Pew Study. Sites that are not designed for Mobile just don’t look right on a phone or tablet. The good news is that it does not cost any more money to have a mobile site today.

How long does it take to build my website and how can I speed up the process?

The typical time to build a website is three to six weeks. Some simple sites can be completed in just a couple of days. It all depends on the complexity of your requirements. The customer can speed up the process by getting content, graphics and other collateral to us in a timely manner. Once a customer commits to their new website, we will provide tools to help them stay organized and a detailed list of things that we require. Changing one’s mind, loafing and indecisiveness can make a project more expensive and delay release.

Custom designed websites denver

How can I tell if my website was coded properly?

One of the most important tools that we use is the W3C code validator. You can analyze any website out there with this easy to use tool. Try entering your site for validation. If it does not come out with zero errors, fire your web company and hire us. All websites we build use the new HTML5 framework and styled to CSS3 standards. There will be no HTML code errors of any kind in the site that TPPG creates for you. Doing so ensures that search engines have little to no problems following and indexing your website content. This also ensures that the architecture is rock solid with no layout issues.

Additional Web Development Information

  • Our Database Development Process

    We begin the database development process by having an initial meeting, during this meeting we cover your needs and discuss a rough price. If you are satisfied with the initial price we will go into detail covering system requirements, identifying new database requirements, and suggesting new added features that might improve use.

    After our team analyzes the database project, we will provide you with a fixed final price.

    If you choose TPPG as your service provider, we shall begin work on your system. The database design is the foundation to your system; this process lays the foundation to the entire project. We take account of any potential future expansion, and ensure the design is capable of meeting your needs as your business grows in the future. We also assure you that the database connection is up-to-code with the latest security protocols.

    Upon completing the database structure, we will begin developing the administration center that will be the Front End to your system. All our systems are designed using the newest languages and highest quality structure work, and we include your logo in the upper left corner. Our admin centers are constructed in a uniform manor allowing easy navigation and quick data access.

    During the development process, we upload parts of the admin system for approval. These files will in full working order and can be tested for errors and improvements. Once initial programming is complete you will be notified of a 'Beta' release. At this time we will begin testing the system.

    Once testing is complete and you approve the product we will compile the software and package it for installation or install it on your server.

    A properly structured database can reduce bandwidth and may lower hosting costs.

  • Web Hosting

    In addition to award-winning technical support and 99.9% up-time, TPPG's exclusive technology helps keep your website and email fast by locating your data as close to you as possible. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible. We handle all the ins and outs of web hosting including: domain name registration, MySQL databases and email accounts.

    Experience our fast, reliable web hosting at an affordable price with secure servers and 24/7 technical support. If and when support is required, all of our support is handled in-house by our support engineers.