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LinkedIn Recommendations

  • Dave Peterson

    Dave Peterson

    Director of Client Success at Orange Tree Employment Screening

I worked with Michelle on an important project for our organization. Michelle demonstrated a tireless devotion to creating the right documents for our organization while providing exemplary customer service. The training was clear and concise ensuring we not only had exactly what we needed, but also had the knowledge to appropriately implement it. I would highly recommend Michelle and The Proof Positive Group for any internal or client facing documents. The entire experience was fast, easy, and done right!

I selected Michelle purely based upon an internet search when I needed an expert to edit some PDF files, get them into Word doc format and then save again in PDF format. The documents were prepared in Europe and used Anglican English and were formatted for A4 sized paper.

It was a struggle due to some unusual formatting issues as well loss of definition during the conversion processes.

Michelle was professional and timely in all of her communications. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Microsoft and Adobe products was upfront regarding the issues she expected to encounter. How refreshing that a contractor would be so transparent.

Thorough and time sensitive, Michelle stayed in touch continually and did not leave things to chance. I intend on using her services again.

Michelle is a consummate professional. She is incredibly responsive and worked diligently to solve even the most perplexing problems we encountered as we worked on our Firm re-brand and Microsoft Office template construction. One aspect of Michelle's work product that I find very helpful is the informational videos that she uploads and narrates herself; these videos serve as a compliment to her walkthroughs for all types of problems. I cannot recommend Michelle and her work product enough - she knows what she is doing and it's as simple as that.

  • Amy Lewis

    Amy Lewis

    Digital Marketing Specialist at Assessments 24x7

Michelle is an absolute genius when it comes to creating custom templates for MS Word! Her explanations of the functionality of the template is super thorough and she screen records everything, so you can pass the information along to your team. A+ for sure! Thanks, Michelle!

Working with Michelle was a pleasure. Her professionalism and expertise is second to none. She took her time to explain how to use my templates and was there every step of the way to make sure that they were custom to my needs. I highly recommend using her services and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Michelle is wonderful to work with and has been my go-to whenever I need assistance with templates and large technical documents. She is very responsive, flexible, knowledgeable, and her work is consistently high quality. As one example, our team was working on a large document that did not fit the recommended template and structure. Michelle worked closely with us to create a new template that could appropriately incorporate all the required information in an intuitive way, and she continued to provide troubleshooting support as the large (800-page) document was assembled. I would highly recommend Michelle's services to anyone.

Michelle helped us with a client project when we were in a bind. Her quick communication, turnaround time and professionalism helped us deliver exactly what the client needed. The Microsoft Suite is so robust if you know how to use it and Michelle definitely does! I learned a lot from working with her and watching her tutorial videos. All-in-all a positive experience for us and our client.

Michelle Howell, at The Proof Positive, is fantastic. Not only is she a world-class expert at MS Word, especially it's absurdly complex formatting features, and knows how to make your documents do whatever you want them to do, reliably, every time . . . . but she's really good at explaining to you what she's doing, how it works, and what you need to do to avoid messing up the formatting that she designs and builds for you. She is responsive and very enjoyable to work with. And she's a good communicator, adjusting How she explains it all to you, based on your particular fluency in Word Formatting, and frankly, based on how much you even desire to understand the inner workings. I recommend her highly. Trey Hanna, The Hanna Law Firm, LLC

Michelle is brilliant! In my business, we write 75+- page narrative reports using a combination of MS Word and Excel. For many years I've tried to create templates and such to streamline the process but just never could get the job done, until I found Michelle Howell on a random web search. I gave her a call and within minutes she understood what I needed and how to get the job done. We went back and forth a few times and after a few weeks we had the most amazing template, far beyond my wildest dreams. Speaking of dreams, Michelle is a dream to work with. She followed through on everything, communicated fluently and timely. She's an angel from heaven that guided us through the smoke and mirrors of today's technology. I can't say enough great things about her, so thankful we found her. PS, I am not related to her nor do I know her in any capacity other than the work she did for us.

Working with Michelle to develop a new PowerPoint presentation template for our company was easy and delivered huge value. She was responsive to all of our needs, assertive in her guidance with what she felt was cost prohibitive for us to pursue, and genuinely concerned with how her work could deliver a useful product.

We are very excited to debut the new slides template at our semi-annual owner meeting next week, and feel that they will help us look all the more professional and deepen the impression our presentations make on our audience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle's services to anyone seeking to upgrade the look of their presentations.

  • MS Word Expert

    Tanna Wheeler

    Shopper Marketing & Innovation Director at TETON WATERS RANCH

Michelle truly is an expert at Microsoft PowerPoint! She gives thorough instructions that are easy to follow, and edits presentations quickly! I’d highly recommend Michelle for any PPT needs.

  • Valerie Linson

    Valerie Linson

    Strategic Communications, Broadcast Media Production (News & Documentary), Content Creation, Writing

Working with Michelle was an absolute pleasure. Her work is quick, precise, and of the greatest quality. I appreciate Michelle's strong background; she very quickly helped up convert simply formatted documents into living tools that were critical to helping us communicate with our audience. Highly recommend working with Michelle!

Michelle and her team did a great job translating our PowerPoint and Word design ideas into fully functional and beautiful templates. Her process was quick and simple; and she was very accommodating and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services.

  • Penny Rice

    Penny Rice

    Manager, Strategic Projects at Corning Incorporated

Michelle Howell at The Proof Positive Group Services has been a great resource developing PowerPoint templates in a version of Office that we had not installed yet. She took our existing templates and worked with our team to make the updates necessary to bring a fresh, clean look and feel, as well as added functionality. She was always available despite her busy schedule, and always responded in a timely manner. She's an expert in her field and provided additional training video responses showing us as well as explaining her answers. That made a world of difference for this visual learner! Thank you, Michelle for all your work!

  • Amy Faugas

    Amy Faugas

    Assistant Director at Healthy Families America, and MBA Candidate at Kelley School of Business

Michelle was a total professional in handling our complex Microsoft Word document. We had edited the document so many times it was severely corrupted, but Michelle rebuilt our document in record time. (I only wished we had hired her years ago!) She also was wonderful to work with. Unlike other vendors, Michelle took the time to walk through the document with us beforehand and asked great questions about our needs and preferences. She was reassuring in her approach and even gave us a video guide at the end to support us in our use of the document moving forward. Thank you, Michelle!

  • Mike Codner

    Mike Codner

    President at Law Offices of Michael J. Codner, APC

Michelle is an absolutely fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge in her field. She is patient, receptive, and above all, a bona fide “problem fixer” when all seems lost. Above all, she has compassion for the conundrums heaped upon us by the Microsoft world we face everyday. Words cannot truly give enough credit to the business and time-saving service her and her company provide.

With the current times in which we live in the business world, where there is far to often a lack of value in services paid for, she is undoubtedly an exception! I would recommend her and her company to anyone with needs in her field.

  • Robert Hines

    Robert Hines

    Leadership and Order from Chaos | Application and Cybersecurity | Programs | Development

Being introduced to Michelle and her team was a gift. I work in a field where written deliverables sometimes have to speak for themselves and presenting a consistent, professional appearance from multiple authors is a must. Michelle worked to develop highly usable, well structured templates customized for each team and purpose. Concise demonstration videos topped the package ensuring easy application by future authors. Particularly impressive was the light touch - Michelle was able to deliver value with very little effort from us. Not sure how she managed that!

Michelle created a number of Word templates for our company and she was great to work with. Not only was she responsive (even at night and on weekends), but she managed to deal with our endless iterations and nit-picking!

  • Monique Anderson

    Monique Anderson

    Senior Associate and Geotechnical Engineer at Shannon & Wilson, Inc.

Michelle has provided a great service to us in helping us develop a new MS Word document template for our formal reports. This template will allow our technical staff to easily create a nice-looking report with minimal cross-reference errors. Michelle has been very patient with our development team in making changes and tweaks as we adjust our usage. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to develop a standard document template for their company.

I had a client that wanted a Word letterhead template with second sheet. Being a graphic designer I know very little about Word so after I gave up I sent it to a friend to create. That did not work. Then I sent it to a group that said they could do it, what I got back from them was "it can't be done." Then It went to a "Word Expert," he could not complete the task and suggested Michelle. So I messaged her, without very high hopes. She was very professional and very easy to work with. She listened to what I needed and in the matter of no time at all I had what I needed and at a very reasonable price. I was happy and my client was VERY happy. She saved my behind. I will be going to Michelle for any and all future Word projects. Thank you Michelle, great work!

  • Deborah Berlyne

    Deborah Berlyne

    Seasoned full-time freelance medical writer/editor for 19 years

I'm a medical writer, and I've worked with Michelle for a few years now. She does a fantastic job of converting tables to figures, converting Word text to PowerPoint, and formatting Word documents so that they look professional. Michelle responds very quickly to emails and typically has a very short turnaround time. She is easy to communicate with, and she makes intelligent decisions when I don't give her enough instructions. I always enjoy working with her because she is so responsive and always very pleasant. I highly recommend Michelle Howell!

  • Michael El Koubi

    Michael El Koubi

    Marketing and Communications Manager at MEMBERS Development Company

Working with Michelle to develop a new PowerPoint presentation template for our company was easy and delivered huge value. She was responsive to all of our needs, assertive in her guidance with what she felt was cost prohibitive for us to pursue, and genuinely concerned with how her work could deliver a useful product.

We are very excited to debut the new slides template at our semi-annual owner meeting next week, and feel that they will help us look all the more professional and deepen the impression our presentations make on our audience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle's services to anyone seeking to upgrade the look of their presentations.

Working with Michelle was a professional, swift, and high-quality experience. I needed a quick turn-around for a Word Doc Template and Michelle delivered expertly. And, her tutorial videos are the perfect added-value to share with my client. Highly recommended!

  • Anthony Powell

    Anthony Powell

    Helping Organizational Leaders Drive Change & Deliver Results.

We greatly enjoyed working with Michelle. She quickly understood the scope of our work, provided us with working drafts, created training videos, and even stuck with us to make a few final tweaks post-go live.

  • Lisa Pagliuca

    Lisa Pagliuca

    Director of Marketing & Communications at Opinion Dynamics

Michelle and her team at the Proof Positive Group did an amazing job on our Word, PPT and Excel templates. Michelle has a deep knowledge of the microsoft suite of products and really guided us to the best solutions for our business. She was easy to work with, provided guided videos for each template and gave us a final product with features we didn't even know were possible. Highly recommend!

The consummate professional. Extremely capable, very communicative and very easy to work with. I would only consider using someone else if she was to retire

We had a really great experience with Michelle's company. Exactly what we needed and exceptional response time. Definitely recommend!

Michelle has been phenomenal to work with in a consultative role. Her attention to detail and responsiveness are second to none. We worked together across the Fall of 2016 in a corporate template audit where she evaluated current state, gave recommendations for improvement as well as guidance for transitioning materials into Office 2013. Her ability regardless of operating system and versions of software never diminished, and I especially liked the detailed communication record and teaching demos.

Our business is growing and as such I required more resources available on a flexible schedule. I found Michelle and her company through a simple google search, and I can't tell you how lucky I feel for having found her. Michelle worked on a 300+ page document that required significant attention. Michelle tamed the savage beast beautifully, making it client and user friendly. Michelle was responsive at night and through the weekend as we continued to update it due to additions, deletions and changes on our end. I look forward to a long partnership with Michelle and her team.

Very thorough. A pleasure to work with.

  • MS Excel Expert

    Uyen T. Mai

    Director of Marketing and Communications at Mt. San Antonio College

You're in good hands with Michelle. She's an experienced professional who helped format our 600 page Accreditation Report. As the project progressed, it didn't seem like any surprise or wrinkle phased her. She was always calm, helpful and professional. The end product was perfect.

I am quite impressed by Michelle's skill and work ethic. She has been a tremendous asset to the production of our large report. Michelle is detail oriented and organized. And the icing – she is a pleasure to work with.

Michelle does an outstanding job of editing documents to make them look "beyond professional". Her attention to detail is relentless; her aesthetic eye for making a nice looking document is much appreciated. She understands Word at a very high level and is able to implement all the features you could imagine in order to make the document easy to navigate and highly organized. She responds to inquiries quickly and delivers the finished product on or before the time she promises. She did a great job on a 100 page Word document, over a weekend. Five stars!

As a design project manager at a museum that works on highly variable and ever-changing collateral, I frequently received requests from various departments for editable creative. However, we struggled with finding a solution that upheld our design standards and had the functionality our departments needed.

A new designer joined our team this year, and upon receiving her first request for an editable piece of collateral, recommended Michelle. I reached out to Michelle then, and I will do it again! She was great to work with and was very detail oriented and thorough. She asked the right questions that yielded the exact results we needed.

The piece, which was a guide for students visiting the museum, needed to be customized for individual schools and curriculums in order for students to get the most out of their visit and teachers to feel confident that the visit would seamlessly fit into their lesson plans. It never would have been possible for us to create a static guide that would to apply to all age levels and gallery options, while also being useful and providing up-to-date information.

Michelle helped us create an easy-to-use, professional museum guide that can accommodate variable information without burdening our design time with having to manually make updates every time. Michelle has opened up a lot of options for us in terms of what we can do and how we can expand our personalization for museum visitors. I am so happy with the results and very excited to utilize her expertise in the future.

A top-tier resource! Michelle's expertise in "real-world Microsoft" and cross-platform/enterprise font deployment, her responsiveness, depth of experience, detail, documentation and delivery - and being a great person to work with make this an enthusiastic, and the easiest recommendation ever.

Michelle is a beacon of competency, thoroughness and speed. It’s extremely difficult to find a source that can create functionally precise Word templates, get it right the first time, and turn work around faster than we can proof it! Michelle’s capabilities in this space are deep; we were impressed! Providing usage instructions via video is a genius touch. When you’re deploying templates to a large team, enabling an understanding of how to use them fully is crucial; the instructional videos are very appreciated.

As a graphic designer, being tasked with building a series of letterhead in Microsoft Word can not only be wicked annoying but usually takes way longer than it needs to. I found Michelle during a panicked Google search at around 2 a.m. and I know I’ve found a vendor/friend for life! The project I needed her to assist me on was to create three versions of letterhead with a pretty complex footer that was custom to multiple office locations. Michelle handled my questions with great patience (I swear some of them were so basic that it must have been very hard for her to not laugh). By the end of it all, my client was very pleased with the final product and aside from a massive sense of relief, I too was happy with the final outcome. Michelle had lots of suggestions on how to make the letterhead user friendly and even included a how-to video for the files! Michelle was fantastic to deal with and worked quickly which helped me deal with a fairly demanding client. I feel I learned a lot from her and I know that my agency will be giving her our business in the future.

Michelle has provided excellent work and personal customer service. We are always in a rush and she has always surpassed our expectations.

  • Alex Striler

    Dave Ryan, CPA, CCP, JD

    Executive compensation and total rewards expert. Trusted advisor to companies, boards, attorneys and CPAs.

Michelle is a true expert at developing Word template. I was very please with the service she provided.

  • Beth Hand

    Beth Hand

    CEO, Helping Mission-Driven Leaders Achieve Strategic Results, Author - Hidden by Gender

Apple has its genius bar. Now, MS Word does too: The Proof Positive Group. Michelle Howell of The Proof Positive Group is an MS Word genius. The Arabic translation of Hidden by Gender had issues complicated by language sets, and heavy formatting for print and eBook versions. In five minutes time, Michelle diagnosed the problem and solutions putting it back on track for the launch.

I used a MS Word template provided by CreateSpace (Amazon.com's online book publishing subsidiary) and after 200 pages of writing, started having SERIOUS formatting issues that nobody could figure out. Several work colleagues--all very smart and proficient with computers--tried to help, but couldn't figure out what was wrong. They all gave up and threw in the towel. Then, I met Michelle and within a few hours all the formatting issues were resolved! She not only fixed the problems, she explained what happened and how to avoid it from happening again. Michelle is an expert in MS Word layout, templates, presentations, and formatting. I highly recommend her for any of your writing needs.

Michelle produced a number of documents for us in Microsoft Word. We needed someone who could ensure proper formatting and she did this perfectly. We worked with her via email and she is very fast and efficient. We will be working with her again in future.

  • Chris Broussard

    Chris Broussard

    Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications at Louisiana Healthcare Connections

If you’re looking for impeccable Microsoft Office skills and expertise, then I highly recommend Michelle Howell. With a keen understanding for how design and technology overlap, she is able to ensure neither is sacrificed in the process. Michelle's involvement in our company rebrand ensured that the new brand became infused into the work all of our employees produced, not just the graphic designers. I can't speak highly enough of Michelle, her expertise, and the impact she's made for us.

Michelle designed a Word template for our team that has quickly become a crucial part of our product's quality and branding. She is incredibly knowledge, easy to work with, and timely with deliverables. The customized instructional videos are a phenomenal touch, and make the templates much easier to adopt and use.

The Proof Positive Group built an amazing website for my business. My new website is fresh, modern and is easy to find in the search results. Their graphic artist created a set of custom icons specific to my business and made a beautiful Facebook header. I will be calling on them for custom tab and type forms in the near future. I highly recommend Michelle and her team.

  • MS Word Experts

    Bobbie Jo Foster

    Business Systems Analyst │PLM│ Ecommerce │ Project Management│ Business Process Design & Optimization│ Apparel

Michelle is a pleasure to work with, she is a wizard in her field. She takes choas of reused documents and shared makeshift templates and turns them into works of art! They become easy to use templates that have built in efficiencies and rules to suit your business needs. The Proof Positive Group can help your business look more professional, operate more efficiently, and have continuity across documents within your organization. Michelle goes above an beyond to help clients! She delivers great products on time (oftener early) and guarantees all her work!

I had a document that was so corrupted Microsoft and the word processing consultants I generally work with could not figure it out. I found Michelle and she is a miracle worker. After I had spent over 5 hours with others, she fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes. I have been sending documents I need help with since then and she always is prompt, professional and delivers a perfect product. I was thrilled to find out that she is also expert in PowerPoint and did a great job of preparing several diagrams for a client. I highly recommend her.

Michelle is top notch business woman and runs a fantastic company. The Proof Positive Group can help any business look more professional, operate more efficiently, and provide a higher level of communication on any type of document.

Michelle goes above an beyond to ensure that her clients are happy and the work product is perfect. We'll be clients for life.

  • Sharon Talbott

    Sharon Talbott

    Director, Account Based Marketing, Utility Services at Nexant

Michelle came in to the usual corporate template mess: multiple business units having a hard time transitioning from their old templates to a new brand; multiple business requirements for how our Powerpoints and proposal documents behaved; and diverse, divergent, and demanding opinions about what styles and practices our group of 200 users should consistently observe when producing content in Microsoft. I assembled a small group of representative power users for Michelle, and with her skilled discovery abilities she was able to understand HOW people interact with MS-Office products, WHAT business requirements cut across departments, and WHY people were advocating for the changes they wanted. With this understanding, she crafted templates that met requirements but also considered the real usability issues of our particular group of writers. We particularly appreciated her over-the-top support - Michelle makes short demo videos for everything she introduces, making it easy for our team to understand new features and be able to train others as well. Michelle is flexible, responsive and client-focused. She is accurate about estimating project scope and in fact exceeded objectives and beat timelines. It' has been a pleasure to collaborate with her.

We recently reached out to Michelle very late in the game on a $100M+ proposal and she cam through for us in such a big way. In fact, there were multiple sub-contractors participating with us on the comprehensive proposal for a US Military and our section came out very strong in large part to the quick efforts by Michelle. I will highly recommend her to anyone.

Michelle was a quick study and knew what I needed better than I did. She thinks out of the box for good suggestions and was very fair in her charges. Good listener and on top of the latest technology in her area of expertise.

At Smart Devine we hired Michelle to develop Powerpoint and Word templates for our marketing and business development documents. What she delivered was beyond what we expected. She was efficient, listened to what we wanted and was available to answer all of our questions. The result was well branded documents that we used for brochures, biographies, proposals, reports and case studies. She saved us a lot of money by having easy-to-use templates in-house and we are still using them today.

I highly recommend using Michelle Howell.

  • Tom Drake

    Tom Drake

    Director and Founder of Global Outcomes Group, Global HEOR Communications Strategist

Michelle has done exceptional work with our group and provide timely and very supportive assistance, delivering a high quality, well designed 300 page document in record time and with a smile and great attitude. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone one who needs excellent proposal and large document formatting and design. She is detail oriented and works until the project is perfect. I look forward to working with Michelle again soon. - Tom Drake, Global Outcomes Group

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle. She is a very detailed and customer service oriented template builder with a firm eye on overall schedule and budget. Michelle developed templates based on our needs and worked with us to supply what we need to do our job efficiently, effectively, and professionally. She even took the time to provide tailored videos that not only walked us through the new template, but also instructed us on how we could do it ourselves. Michelle is just amazing!

  • MS Word Experts

    Maiko Mills

    Business Development Manager at SkyBridge Global

Michelle is without a doubt the consummate professional. Her intricate attention to detail is stellar which in turn sets her apart from the rest.

Michelle is a gifted in her craft. Because she has many years experience she knows a variety of creative methods to ensure you receive what you need.Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. She is always encouraging and positive, most importantly she delivers to the highest level.

I am glad to have her as a business partner!!

I wanted to take a quick moment to let the universe know how smart we were to hire Michelle to help us out with our complex and wide variety of templates.

Michelle has been amazingly helpful throughout this whole process and she has transformed the documents. The process has felt almost like gaining a template fairy godmother. Michelle has also gone above and beyond with each round of revision by providing videos to assist users with specific questions.

We are a faster and more nimble company as a direct result of working with Michelle Howell.

As an human resources consultant, I produce numerous documents for my clients such as employee handbooks and complex compensation analyses that may be used as in a legal capacity. Michelle has provided excellent services in formatting and polishing these documents and spreadsheets and creating templates that would have taken me many hours produce. The quality of her work is excellent and she has an incredibly quick turnaround time, even on the weekends!

I give Michelle my highest recommendation.

Michelle knows the mysteries and techniques to make the ordinary extraordinary, she is a pro

Michelle is so easy to work with. She is an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable about Microsoft Office templates. Its clear that she also has a lot of experience with proposals, RFPs and supporting business/sales in general.

Michelle has been excellent with all the work she has done with us. She has always been attentive, informative, and helpful in every aspect. She has become our go to for help with MSWord and Powerpoint.

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on our Word and PowerPoint templates. Michelle possessed a vast amount of expertise and patience as she gave us options and customized the templates. The movies she was able to supply that taught us how to use the templates correctly and efficiently were extremely helpful. She is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, and made the process very easy for us.

Michelle is a whiz at Word templates that need to be edited by a group. I appreciated her professionalism, patience and willingness to work through the kinks until we got the project right. Thanks, Michelle!

Michelle is one of the absolute BEST at what she does. Her patience is golden, her work and attention to detail is supreme, and overall she is a joy to work with. I had an anal client that needed tons of branded templates created and she brought my artistic vision and their needs together seamlessly in a way that could not previously been done. She's an all around class act with a wonderful personality. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

We had the recent pleasure of working with Michelle Howell and The Proof Positive Group. We were in need of help with a time-sensitive project that involved document reformatting and Michelle rose to the challenge. Michelle is extremely professional, highly proficient, and incredibly easy to work with.

Above all, I was impressed with Michelle's ability to deftly handle the project, paying particular attention to our time needs. She would be a true asset for any positions requiring document formatting and comes with our heartfelt recommendation.

Michelle quickly understood our need and completed our project perfectly. So glad to have her expertise and professionalism as a resource moving forward!

Michelle at The Proof Positive Group has helped me on countless proposals and client projects. She works well on both the buy and sell side of sales and solicitations. I trust her to provide the detail level analysis and project management that ensures a complete, professional document whether for a client RFP, a Service Provider proposal or a marketing brochure. She provides consistent, outstanding support and is flexible to work with the crazy time demands of my business. Michelle is the consummate professional and my trusted advisor in all things "print". She is a key player on our team!

We've used Michelle's template development services over the past few years and she does an outstanding job. I Highly recommend the Proof Positive Group for any template development work you may have.

  • Leonard Feehan

    Leonard Feehan

    B2B Marketing Communications Expert for Professional Services - Digital Marketing and Publishing of print & apps

Michelle is a joy to work with and very professional. She is extremely well versed in Microsoft Office software and takes time to explain how she created each document. I would highly recommend her for any project and so glad I have her as a resource for my clients.

I've been very fortunate to come across Michelle in my line of work. With most graphic design agencies, we have clients who require MS Office versions of the print collateral we create for their everyday use. Michelle has made it seamless for our studio to pass along our designs to which she'll build a MS Office friendly version for our client. At the beginning of each project, we'll scope out the deliverables and tech requirements involved, addressing any questions/hiccups that may come up along the way. Michelle pays great attention to detail and I can always count on her immediate response and timely deliver. It's been over 5 years now that Michelle and I have worked together and I would recommend her expertise and service in a heartbeat.

Michelle knows MS Office better than anyone we've ever engaged. We started working with her to revise/update all our standard Word doc templates. They are much more robust now and easier to use. She has a cool feature that let's her send a video with your own documents that she goes through step-by-step how they work. We're getting ready to send her our PPT docs for standardization.

  • Shelly Castorino

    Shelly Castorino

    Marketing Communications Manager at SMART DEVINE; Freelance Reporter

Michelle worked with us to re-brand our proposals and presentations. She worked on our time frame and followed up to make certain she met all of our goals. Her video tutorials showing us how to implement our new templates were exceptional. and truly added value to her service offerings.

  • Rich Boswell

    Rich Boswell

    Senior Advisor - Outsourcing Insourcing & IT Consulting

Michelle's work in creating large, complex bid documents and orchestrating reviews and revisions to the final product and handling the myriad hiccups along the way is outstanding.

  • Julie Grant

    Julie Grant

    Contract Technical Writer at Total Technical Solutions

I worked under Michelle's direction while subcontracting at Raytheon. I found her to be an excellent people manager and an otherwise very competent worker performing her roles in supporting Raytheon's proposal effort(s). Under Michelle's skillful direction, our proposal preparation team accomplished a great deal of work.

As a graphic designer I do not use Microsoft products very much, and to be honest, try to stay away from them as much as possible. This is generally not a problem for me unless I need to create layouts for PowerPoint. Michelle and her group are masters of Microsoft PowerPoint and go above and beyond just creating slides. Taking it one step further, Michelle provides a fully defined template which is reflected in all the standard PowerPoint functions and features.

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in her line of work - for my organization, she has provided numerous final products of templates in Microsoft Office and our communication has been seamless, smooth, she's very intuitive, and absolutely hassle free. For the excellent work that she does her costs are very reasonable. I would highly recommend her services, and will continue to hire her in the future for any professional document and template needs.

Michelle and I worked together building and testing templates for Microsoft, and I found her to be very professional and her work of high quality. She followed the guidelines given, made design improvements where possible, and turned work around quickly. It was a pleasure to work with Michelle - I hope we get the opportunity to work together again!

  • Sarah Kracke

    Sarah Kracke

    Marketing and Advertising Consultant and Contractor

The Proof Positive Group is detail-oriented expertise that is responsive, professional and thorough. Michelle Howell is the perfect consultant.

  • Suzanne Hand

    Suzanne Hand

    Suzanne Hand & Associates, Court Reporting, Transcription & Videoconferencing

We retained Michelle to create a template according to our client’s contract requirements. Michelle was very reliable, returning her work and updates exactly when promised. She was incredibly patient, and obviously very talented. She has continued to train our employees in the use of the template, making it seem easy. We have already begun discussion with Michelle for our next project with her. I highly recommend Michelle Howell and The Proof Positive Group without hesitation.

Working with Michelle is an absolute pleasure. She is extremely professional, respects all deadlines she commits to and went beyond our team expectations. She delivered complex templates by respecting the details of the graphic line that was provided to her and won our business for many years to come.

Michelle did a great job revising my company's memo template. She was very responsive to several rounds of edits that we had. It was definitely worthwhile to have her do the template rather than trying to do it in-house.

Michelle has been a great resource to us at Hill Aevium. Her knowledge of setting up Microsoft Office templates is incredible and her flexibility with client change requests is excellent. Our office is a MAC environment so as we design e-templates for our clients we always have to be sure they will perform in a PC environment. Michelle is and continues to be our go to person for this. Linda Hill

Michelle did a great job for me with our company handbooks. Very quick turn-around as well.

Michelle helped us develop templates for MS Word reports. She listened to what we needed, provided the product, and then gave us great support. We were and continue to be very pleased!

  • Craig Hay

    Craig Hay

    Engineering/Design CSWP at Aero Parts Mart, Inc.

Michelle has provided my company with a very reliable template for a major portion of our business. She has taken into account all the wants and needs that we were looking for. The quality and time delivery for her work is exceptional. If you are looking for someone to help you with any type of word documents or templates I would highly recommend Michelle and the Proof Positive Group.

Michelle created master templates for our organization, which helped streamline our processes. She catered to our tight deadlines, has an eye for details, and is prompt and responsive. She is great to work with and I highly recommend her.

Michelle has been an extremely knowledgeable partner -- Microsoft Office is hard to master, and it's great to work with an expert. She explains everything very clearly and her turnaround time is always faster than I expect it to be.

I was tasked with creating a Word letterhead template for my organization, and had fully tapped both my patience and knowledge. Googling desperately for solutions, I landed on The Proof Positive Group's website. Michelle promptly responded to my inquiry and offered a free consultation on my project. She recommended an approach, provided a very reasonable estimate, and delivered as promised. Michelle was quick to make the changes I requested. The result was a beautiful, functional, easy to use template. I highly recommend her services.

  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Experts

    Myriam Testa

    Administrative assistant at David & Goliath Communications

Word templates world is not a mystery for Michelle. She can built template for your needs with effectiveness and rapidity. Her skills proven with the challenges of the sometime demanding projects. If you need an expert Michelle is the one we recommend.

  • MS Word Experts

    Russ Sprinkle

    Professional Dissertation Coach at RS Consulting Services, LLC

Simply put, Michelle is awesome! She provides excellent service and has an extremely thorough understanding of MS Word at all levels. She is timely, affordable, and client centered. I would highly recommend her services.

I can't say enough excellent things about Michelle's invaluable services. She is an expert through and through and always over delivers, impresses thoroughly—on time or sooner, on budget, and is so detail-oriented and thorough that it keeps things moving smoothly every step of the way. I highly recommend Michelle.

  • Vanessa Emerson

    Vanessa Emerson

    Founder, Directory of Dental Speakers; Executive Director, Speaking Consulting Network

Michelle Howell of The Proof Positive has created multiple Microsoft Word marketing documents for my clients. You won't find a more technically skilled Microsoft Word expert -- superb! I appreciate that she also brings her creative side to the task. Michelle always provides an exceptional end product. I'm thrilled that she has participated on our design team!

Michelle is very responsive and provides thorough explanations that help us work with our clients. She consistently delivers on time and on budget which gives us peace of mind.

Excellent result and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Michelle.

  • Todd Barnett

    Todd Barnett

    Owner, Barnett Orthodontics, Akron Ohio Invisalign and Braces

Michelle was very easy to work with remotely and responded immediately to emails and phone calls. I'm very pleased with her work!

  • Bette Gardner

    Bette Gardner

    Principal at Breakthrough Learning, Principal at HealthWorks

Appreciated Michelle's expertise and attentiveness!

  • Chris Straigis

    Chris Straigis

    Project Coordinator, Content Developer, and Marketing Specialist.

Michelle is an expert in the creation of pro-level Microsoft documents and templates. She not only understands how to achieve an end result, but more importantly, how to evaluate a client's needs in order to determine what the most effective end result should be. Great experience, and great results.

  • Tim Goodyear

    Tim Goodyear

    Wealth Manager at Abbey Hill Financial Advisors, LLC

Michelle did a great job of helping us with developing our Word templates. She is very responsive and did a great job of suggesting changes to make sure everything worked just right.

My advertising agency has hired Michelle to design Word templates for multiple clients and we continue to use her. She is extremely knowledgable and works with us on tight timelines. We had trouble with one client who needed things done in a very specific way and needed it to be explained to her. Michelle went above and beyond her duties and joined us on a call with the client to review the template and make changes as we spoke. Her work is always impeccable and I've never had to send anything back to her because of something that she missed. I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle.

We worked with Michelle on a small project and were very pleased with the results. She was very responsive and provided excellent work. I highly recommend her and the Proof Positive Group!

Michelle and The Proof Positive Group are an excellent resource. Michelle is an expert Microsoft operator who is very easy to work with. I would easily use the Proof Positive Group again or recommend them to anyone who needs to convert Adobe-designed documents into editable Microsoft versions. Shane Kendrick Owner/Creative Director Ebb+Flow Design

  • MS Word Expert

    Joelle Shreves

    Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications at NCI, Inc.

Michelle was a pleasure to work with and the template she designed for us was top notch. I highly recommend the services she provides.

Michelle's work was always on time, in budget, and high quality...eveything that's important. Plus she was a simply a pleasure to work with.

Michelle did a small project for a client of mine and was responsive, professional and on-time. I was very pleased with her work, and I would definitely use her again.

Michelle is an expert at MS Word. When reviewing my documents, she is very detailed oriented and provides feedback to help me with delivering a professional document.

Michelle is very efficient and effective in helping us make our presentations and proposals shine with top-notch professionalism. I highly recommend her capabilities.

Our office manager found Michelle to bring order to disorder; a corrupted 1200 page MS word outline; a life's work. She resuscitated life back into our document and we expanded Michelle's duties to finishing up our document for publication. She is a treasure and provided complementary support as needed after the finished product (doc and pdf files) were delivered. Thanks again.

  • Larry Salazar

    Larry Salazar

    Visionary Marketing Executive with a Passion for Helping Others Succeed

My work with Michelle revolves around her deep expertise with MS Office, particularly around PowerPoint and Word. She was able to take the tools and apply advanced settings that day-to-day users would not know about. Michelle is an outstanding professional who not only knows her trade, but how to work well with clients. She was great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

We started working with Michelle in 2013 she has helped us draft, write, and edit RFP's for Government projects. Through her expert knowledge in Microsoft Word - and Business in general - she has quickly become one of my "Go To" people. I highly recommend this person.

  • Paul Chackel

    Paul Chackel

    Director of Technical Operations at Benenson Strategy Group

Hired Michelle from The Proof Positive Group to build PowerPoint Templates for our staff to use company wide. The results were great. She is very personable and displayed a very deep knowledge of PowerPoint that we needed. The deliverables were on time for the contracted price. We use the PowerPoint templates she created on a daily basis. Highly recommend Michelle and The Proof Positive Group for this type of work.

  • David Virtue

    David Virtue

    Webmaster and Project Coordinator at the Proof Positive Group, LLC

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the testimonials. We work really hard for our clients to get these amazing testimonials. Each of these is verifiable by clicking on the name or photo of the client - except mine. As a web developer I was able to sneek mine in here. In the event that there is a odd number of testimonials, mine will appear. If there is an even number, mine will disappear. It keeps this page symetical. Pretty cool stuff we can do here...